The Ultimate Condo Maintenance Checklist for 2023: Keep Your Home in Top Shape

Owning a condo comes with its unique set of responsibilities, and regular upkeep is key to maintaining its value. Whether you’re a new condo owner or have lived in one for years, our comprehensive 2023 Condo Maintenance Checklist has got you covered. From interior essentials to handling shared amenities, we provide actionable tips to ensure your condo remains a comfortable and safe space.


  1. Smoke Detectors: Test monthly and change batteries annually.
  2. HVAC Filters: Replace every 3 months, or as needed.
  3. Water Heater: Inspect and flush tank annually.
  4. Appliances: Check and clean filters and vents as required.
  5. Plumbing: Check for leaks and fix promptly.
  6. Electrical: Inspect outlets, switches, and cords regularly for damage.
  7. Windows/Doors: Caulk and seal gaps to improve energy efficiency.

Exterior (If Applicable)

  1. Balcony: Inspect railings and flooring for damage.
  2. Door Locks: Lubricate annually.
  3. Light Fixtures: Clean and replace bulbs as needed.

Shared Amenities (As Applicable)

  1. Elevators: Report issues to management.
  2. Garbage Disposal: Follow guidelines for proper disposal of waste.
  3. Common Areas: Report any maintenance issues promptly.


  1. Summer: Check air conditioning and clean filters.
  2. Winter: Test heating system and consider insulation.

It’s a good idea to consult your condo association’s rules and guidelines, as some maintenance tasks may be covered by them.

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