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As an NJ Home Inspector, we conduct home inspections on all Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Townhouses, and Condos in North & Central New Jersey. We also specialize in the Port Imperial Community with local knowledge. If you want a certified home inspector with insight into multi counties in New Jersey and a resident Core 360 Home Inspections has the Top Certified Home Inspector which will satisfy your inspection needs. - home inspector
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We stand out as a top home inspector for home inspections in New Jersey, especially by our reviews, referrals, experience, pricing, and guarantee to inspect the property as if it was our own. We use our experience and knowledge to provide our customers with superior inspection services. We will evaluate your home’s overall condition, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. Our detailed home inspection reports will provide you with the information you need to understand, evaluate and make an informed decision about the most important investment of your life – your home.

Why hire Core 360 Home Inspections as your Home Inspector?

We work for you 110% as your independent Home Inspector in New Jersey. We have no loyalty to anyone but our clients!!!

Our Mission

  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Providing Detailed Documented Reports
  • Providing High-Quality Images in Reports
  • Educating our clients on their home
  • Being an impartial third-party independent contractor
  • Holding High Standards & Ethics
  • Professionalism in our industry
  • Effective Communication with clients

To achieve our mission we go above and beyond New Jersey, Certified Licensed Inspector requirements, and continue our education with InterNachi to become Certified Professional Inspectors. Holding ourselves to a higher standard of education, and ethics, and are well updated with new building standards as they change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see you in your new home enjoying life knowing we inspected your home as if it was our family living in it. We educated you during our home inspection of your new home with maintenance tips/items, minor, moderate, and major issues. We will identify areas of concern or recommend repairs or replacement. So you can rest assured you made a educated decision after our inspection.

If you are a 100% satisfied customer then we will receive referrals in the future from your experience. Building a strong foundation of satisfied customers and reviews leads us to the top.

Highly Experienced

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I have the knowledge to spot problems with materials, installation, and workmanship that other inspectors might miss.

From a new home or older home, an inspection requires a lot of work which may reveal many unseen issues or safety issues. Ultimately, a thorough examination depends heavily on the individual inspector’s training, efforts, ethics, pride in their work, and experience. You are my client and my referral to my next client; I work for you 110% to provide a safe and healthy home for you and your family.


If you honor me by permitting me to inspect your potential new home, I will give you my very best effort to provide you with the Best Home Inspection and Experience during this crucial time. I promise you the same care as if it was my own home.

NJ Home Inspector


I really take the time to answer questions before, during, and after the inspection. This always seems to help all my client’s transactions go much smoother having the information I provide during and after an inspection. I add to that my diligent follow-up with clients, so they feel completely comfortable with what needs to be addressed. I generate the easy-to-read reports using the latest software, making them digital viewable online as HTML and pdf.

Continued Education

Other efforts I use to ensure you have the best home inspection is by continuing my certifications and knowledge in my field. Although the State of New Jersey requires licensing of home inspectors, the certifications and Continuing Education required by InterNACHI serve as additional in-depth training for the certified inspector so that I can provide sufficient and accurate information regarding a home’s condition. I have acquired extensive home inspector training through InterNACHI’s rigorous Continuing Education curriculum.

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