Basic maintenance list for a condo owners to keep their property in good condition

Here are some recommendations:


  1. Smoke Detectors: Test monthly and change batteries annually.
  2. HVAC Filters: Replace every 3 months, or as needed.
  3. Water Heater: Inspect and flush tank annually.
  4. Appliances: Check and clean filters and vents as required.
  5. Plumbing: Check for leaks and fix promptly.
  6. Electrical: Inspect outlets, switches, and cords regularly for damage.
  7. Windows/Doors: Caulk and seal gaps to improve energy efficiency.

Exterior (If Applicable)

  1. Balcony: Inspect railings and flooring for damage.
  2. Door Locks: Lubricate annually.
  3. Light Fixtures: Clean and replace bulbs as needed.

Shared Amenities (As Applicable)

  1. Elevators: Report issues to management.
  2. Garbage Disposal: Follow guidelines for proper disposal of waste.
  3. Common Areas: Report any maintenance issues promptly.


  1. Summer: Check air conditioning and clean filters.
  2. Winter: Test heating system and consider insulation.

It’s a good idea to consult your condo association’s rules and guidelines, as some maintenance tasks may be covered by them.

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