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Expert Home Inspections Across New Jersey Servicing:
Hudson, Bergen, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, and Union Counties In New Jersey.
Comprehensive Assessments for Single and Multi-Family Homes, Townhouses, Condos, and Studios.

Home Inspection Pricing - Core 360 Home Inspections

Expert Home Inspections Across New Jersey: Serving Hudson, Bergen, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, and Union Counties

At Core 360 Home Inspections, we offer comprehensive assessments for single and multi-family homes, townhouses, condos, and studios. Our detailed pricing ensures transparency and competitiveness, catering to various client needs with quality and affordability at the forefront.

Detailed Pricing for Home Inspection Services

Single Family

Home Inspection
$ 495/+
  • 1 Family +sqft, age, may vary price*


Home Inspection
$ 695/+
  • 2 Family +sqft, age, may vary price*


Home Inspection
$ 495/+
  • +sqft, age, may vary price*

Condo / Studio

Home Inspection
$ 275/+
  • +sqft, age, may vary price*

Radon Testing

Ancillary Service
$ 175/+
  • 1/2 Family Homes
  • 3/4 Family $425/525
  • price with inspection

WDI - Termite

Ancillary Service
$ 75/+
  • price with inspection
  • NPMA-33 Report
  • price without inspection $350


Sampling & Testing
$ 275/+
  • price with inspection
  • 2 Samples /+ each add. $50
  • price without inspection $450

Mold Air Quality

Sampling & Testing
$ 325/+
  • price with inspection
  • 3 Samples /+ each add. $60
  • price without inspection $450

Oil Tank Sweep

Sweep & Boring
$ 300/+
  • price with inspection
  • up to 1.5 acres
  • 4 Boring Soil Test- $550+

*price subject to change at any time – +sqft, property age, bedrooms, stories, levels, and crawl space may vary price*

Why Choose Our Home Inspection Services?

At Core 360 Home Inspections, we pride ourselves on providing detailed, reliable, and cost-effective home inspection pricing and services. Our team of experts ensures a thorough evaluation of your property. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services with integrity and professionalism. We adhere to industry standards and continuously update our methods to provide the most reliable and efficient home inspection services in New Jersey.

We understand that every property is unique, requiring a distinct approach for each inspection. Our services extend beyond standard inspections to specialized services ensuring every aspect of your property is thoroughly checked.

Transparent Pricing Without Hidden Costs

We believe in honest, upfront pricing. The price we quote is the complete cost – no surprises.

Customizable Inspection Packages

Understand that each home has unique requirements. Contact us to tailor an home inspection pricing package that suits your specific needs and budget.

Expert Inspectors

Our inspectors are experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your property. Core 360 not only conducts thorough inspections but also educates homeowners about their properties. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge, and helping them understand their home’s condition, maintenance needs, and potential future repairs.

Book Your Home Inspection Today

For home inspection pricing inquiries or to schedule a service, contact Core 360 Home Inspections. We’re committed to delivering exceptional service at fair prices.

The cost can vary based on the property’s square footage, age, and specific inspection types required.

Multifamily homes typically require more time and resources to inspect compared to single-family homes due to their complexity.

Our standard inspection covers all major areas and systems of the house, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.

Occasionally, unforeseen issues may require specialized inspections, which could affect the overall cost. Example: Per NJ samples of suspected mold must be sampled and sent to a lab to be listed as mold on an inspection report.

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From the start to finish of a home inspection, we ensure the work is done 110% to the client’s satisfaction. Our clients know this and love this about us, and we are truly grateful for our numerous reviews. We thank you for your time and kind words. Seeing is believing see it on Google.