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Why have Mold Air Quality Test?

The WHO says that over 50% of homes have mold problems*, but only 5% ever get tested. Now, for the first time ever, you can see what’s in your home’s air, and get the information you need to take action if needed.

Includes actual images of mold spores & particulate

  • Identifies the mold resulting from water damage
  • Detects and counts +100airborne mold spores and particulates
  • Flags elevated levels so you can act on them
  • Also shows animal and human skin fragments, allergens,
    microscopic soil, carbon, and fine particulates
  • ASK AN EXPERT service available as an option for oneon-one insights into your home’s report from a Certified
    Industrial Hygenist

90+ Mold Spores

Aspergillus/Penicillium Chains, Chaetomium, Fusarium, Gliomastix, Scopulariopsis, Stachybotrys, Ulocladium, Wallemia, Alternaria-like, Aspergillus/Penicillium, Cladosporium, Arthrinium, Ascospore, Basidiospore, Bipolaris, Bispora, Botrytis, Brachysporium-like, Cercospora, Chaetoconis, Coelomycete, Curvularia, Epicoccum, Exosporium, Fusicladium, Lasiosphaeria, Mitospore, Myrothecium, Nigrospora, Oidium, Paecilomyces, Pestilotiopsis, Pithomyces,Polythrincium, Pyricularia,Smut, Perconia, and Myxomycte-like, Spegazzinia, Stemphylium, Torula, Trichocladiu, Urediniospores, Zygomycetes, Zygophiala, and many more…

10+ Air Particles

Particulates & sizes, Animal skin, Human skin, Pollen, Insect parts, Carbon, Pollen, Insect parts, and more…

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